Completed Exhibits

Fishing Game - Kids can go "fishing" for foam fish with a different alphabet letter on each fish.

Challenge Course - A maze structure, balance beam, jumping and running around cones.

Super Fort - Kids create secret spaces and get inside to enjoy.

Wind Tube - Enjoy watching different objects float through the air.

Magnetic Board - Design pictures with these magnetic pattern blocks.

Marble Drop - Design a path for the marble to travel from the top to the bottom.

Giant Connect–4 - Just get four disks in a row.

Music Mania - An area full of music.

Sand Table - Have fun playing in the sand.

Water Table - Don't forget to have fun playing with water too.

Snookerball - Imagine a large table that you can walk on and replace the pool balls with soccer balls. Just add some fun and you have Snookerball!

Giant Jenga - Just like the original Jenga, just bigger.

Arts & Crafts Zone - Let your artistic side show.