What is a Children's Museum?
Children's Museums are committed to serving the needs and interest of children by providing interactive exhibits and programs that stimulate curiosity and motivate learning. They vary greatly in style, size and content. With today’s workplace demands, adults have less time to spend with children. Children’s Museums are places away from work and household distractions, where parents and caregivers can give focused and attentive time with children, learn something new themselves and experience the luxury of becoming lost in the present moment as they play.

Current Plans

If you would like to volunteer your time and talents please go to the New Volunteer page or send me an email at phillipschildrensmuseum@gmail.com.

Path to the future
The Phillips Children's Museum will be built in two stages. The first stage will be a traveling Phillips Children's Museum. The second will be the actual Phillips Children's Museum.

The Traveling Phillips Children's Museum
This is the first stage on the Phillips Children's Museum. We'll be coming to different places in Price County, letting the people learn about us. We will also come to other counties if they'll reimburse our cost of gas.

Phillips Children's Museum
The Phillips Children's Museum is the second stage. This is going to be a building that we will be renting. We are planning to continue having the Traveling Museum.